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What is covered in this ebook?

What is a Giving Day? 

Why a Giving Day?

How to arrive at an optimal Goal for a Giving Day?

Why choosing Themes and Dates for a Giving Day are so critical?

What features your online infrastructure should have?

What fundamental analytics should your Admin Dashboard display?

Insightful ideas, examples to make your Giving Day successful

This ebook shares with you many ideas, examples for you to get a better understanding and take inspiration from as you set to plan your Giving Day.

This ebook acts as a handy guide with detailed explanation, showcase of examples and data to make it lot easier for you to understand the features that you would be needing in your Online Infrastructure to make it successful.

In depth understanding of each feature that you need on your Online Infrastructure

Very insightful!

Our early readers found it very useful and here are some of their comments

Helped so many!

" Overall, this book and the info that it portrays is excellent. It can effectively help beginners crate a giving day campaign, or help those who have done it before improve their already existing plans"

Jessica, Nicholls Alumni Federation

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Giving Day

For the hardworking folks in Development

Learnings from working with 160+ schools

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