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Your guide to modern day

alumni relations and fundraising

Learnings from working with 200+ schools

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What is covered in this ebook?

Why is Online Giving the future?

How should you use social media platforms to reach your Alumni?

What do your Millennial Alumni want from you?

Why do you need your own Online Engagement Platform?

What tools you need to support your online engagement strategy?

How to overcome your Budgeting Blues for your Alumni program?

We explained the latest trends in advancement with key findings from the leading surveys in the advancement industry - VAESE, Blackbaud Giving report and others.

Insights from 7 industry leading reports

Stay informed!

This ebook includes insightful interviews of alumni professionals on the latest trends in alumni relations and how they are adopting.

Know your peer's opinion on latest trends

Insightful interviews with alumni relation professionals

Budgeting Blues

Obligation Vs Value

Data → Insights → Better Decisions

 Insights, case-studies, and examples from 120+ partner schools

Welcome to the world of Value based Relations

Data driven decisions

Millennials and their impact

Plan smartly and make more from less

They are social, trendy and the most generous lot!

Online Giving

Digital is now default

Simple, secure and the future of giving

Meet them where they spend lot of their time

Two way communication

Alumni Communities

Listen to your Alumni and give them what they want

Show alumni your love and show them value

Key topics

Very insightful!

" I thoroughly enjoyed the ebook. It was short, sweet and right to the point."

Katherine Gianelloni, Nicholls State University

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Amazing book!

"This book is great and is very insightful. Thanks for putting it together"

Helped so many!

Jessica, Nicholls Alumni Federation

A guide to modern day

alumni relations and fundraising

For the hardworking folks in Advancement

Learnings from working with 120+ schools

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